Boy Music Video | September 2012
V Neck Sweater - Mango, £7.62. Similar!Jane Fonda Acid Wash Shorts - Wildfox, £32. Exact!Mid Red Leather Blazers - Nike, £67. Exact! (sold out)

Boy Music Video | September 2012

V Neck Sweater - Mango, £7.62. Similar!
Jane Fonda Acid Wash Shorts - Wildfox, £32. Exact!
Mid Red Leather Blazers - Nike, £67. Exact! (sold out)

Can u show the clothes that nina wore in the boy video? Ur blog is awesome btw!!!

Aw thanks! Sure :) 

Something featuring a floral kimono please xx

There’s a couple here:

:) x

Exact post would be best, photos are cool idk

I didn’t even know i’d made this many! Here ya go pal:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty one.

The way i used to layout sets is pretty appauling, so i apologise lol x

and it doesn't seem to you that it is strange, after all Nina turns out wears such expensive clothes and accessories, and so cheap cosmetics and budgetary

Her clothes aren’t that expensive! And it’s up to her tbh x

you know Nina's boyfriends? or where it is possible to find this information?

I’m not sure if she has one x

Nina became seems is more and more similar on Taylor Momsen, than to the girl from the Apple-tree :( you so don't think?

Not at all! She’s just grown into herself x

Hi! from where information on Nina's cosmetics bag? (in the section beauty->Nina’s Makeup Bag!) it is a screenshot from Nina's video? why you are sure what exactly by it Nina uses? x

It wasn’t me that made the post :)

Where's the post on Nina's old outfits (2011-2012 ish era)

Do you mean exact posts or just photos? :) x

This blog makes me happy, so thanks so much for doing it! :)) x

Aww you’re very welcome :)) x

Can you post a few pictures of Nina wearing a "nosering" (I know it's not real lol)

I don’t have any :(( I know she posted it on her Instagram a while back x

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